Going Green With Green Circle Salons

It's Earth Month, and it's likely that as a salon professional, you've wondered how you can do your part to protect our shared planet.

Of course, as a stylist, you want to attract green-minded clients, and to feel good about your work. In order to achieve this, a good first step is to address the large volume of salon waste – hair, foils, color tubes, aerosols, excess hair colour, plastics, and more – that goes into landfill and waterways. It amounts to 412,206 pounds of waste DAILY generated by North American salons! Let's just stop and think about the fact that the very first foil you ever did is STILL sitting in a landfill somewhere. Yikes!

You can also consider ways to reduce the amount of water and electricity consumed in the salon, and where that electricity comes from. These challenges are solvable, via innovation and community, which is where Green Circle Salons has stepped in.

"At Green Circle, our program keeps people AND the planet beautiful via 95% waste diversion, and a funding tool to help you address the operations of your salon, with impact. Our 1500 member salons are all certified sustainable, so stylists and clients alike can feel good about working in and supporting a green establishment." Says Shane Price, CEO of Green Circle. Any salon in North America can join the movement. Let's take a closer look at how easy it is to get started and what it will mean for you and your clients.

Salon Waste Statistic


Green Circle Salons Waste Diversion

Q: How can salons start up?
A: Call us at 1.877.424.3327, or fill out our short form. We make it so simple to become Green Circle Certified. It takes one phone call and one 30-minute staff orientation. We do the rest. We ship you recycling bins, bin labels and in-salon promotional materials. The program generates new revenue for the salon from day one, and monthly thereafter, so no salon owner has to be out of pocket to be truly green.

Q: What materials does Green Circle collect from my salon?
A: We accept soiled foils (no rinsing!), colour tubes, aerosol cans, hair clippings, lightener and color left over from the application, gloves, paper, plastic, glass, and much, much more, depending on your region (spa waste such as waxing strips, cotton pads, gauze, wipes, files, polish bottles). All these resources are recycled, repurposed, or used in a waste-to-energy process that generates electricity to power our homes and businesses.

Q: How will my salon benefit?
A: Your salon will attract new green-minded clients, gain certified sustainable status, and be a green leader in your industry and your community. Every business today needs a green strategy to stay relevant. The take-and-make-waste businesses practices of yesteryear are expired and a new, cleaner way forward is now available to our industry. Jump on board!

Q: Will my clients be on board?
A: Time and again, we hear from our member salons that their clients are only too happy to pay the fee to know that their visit is supporting a truly sustainable business. We provide you with signage, a press release, promo materials to display around your salon proudly announcing the small fee and the impact that it will have, and of course our badge of certification. We provide your staff with the training they need to answer the client's questions. All Green Circle Certified stylists will tell you that it feels great to tell their clients that their hair is being sent for such purposes as oil spill clean-up.

Q: How will new green-minded clients find my salon?
A: Green Circle has an online directory listing so clients can locate the green salon closest to them. Readers of this blog post can get a directory listing free! (Value $149.95) Just tell your Green Circle Educator you heard about us on the CosmoProf® Beauty Blog to get yours! (Valid until June 30, 2017)

Posted April 22, 2017