Brush Up On Hair Color With Olivia Garden's iBlend

Say hello to your new hair color friend, the iBlend brush from Olivia Garden®.

Known for crafting some of the industries favorite tools and brushes, Olivia Garden’s newest addition is designed with dual length bristles for easy penetration through the hair, creating beautifully blended results while removing excess product and redistributing where needed. It doesn’t stop there! This stain resistant tool also keeps hair tangle free and minimizes skin contact with product – ideal for those prone to allergic reactions.

This brush almost sounds too good to be true, so we put it to the test and asked blonding specialist and CosmoProf® Artistic Team member Lo Wheeler to create one of her signature looks with the iBlend.

Being in the salon for 15+ years, blonding and toning services have definitely come a long way; there’s more color blending and melting now. It's amazing to see the tools available to help achieve soft, transitional and blended hair.

Here is my review on the new Olivia Garden iBlend brush.

I really like that the bristles are soft and flexible, and can be used on dry or wet hair. Many of my clients are blondes and I like to comb their hair out before applying any color and take care to treat it gently after the service as well, so I love the iBlend brush for both.

At times, when I have a balayage processing, to soften the appearance of lines in the hair I delicately comb through with the color. I tried this with that iBlend brush and it worked well.

I am notorious for my toning blends and this is where the magic happens with this brush. It helps me glide all my formulas together to create a seamless blend! This was my favorite use for this brush!  I definitely recommend Olivia Garden brushes. They work really well and are beautifully designed.

Lo Wheeler
Salon Owner of Wheeler Davis Salon
CosmoProf Artistic Team Member

Developed for all types of hair color, conditioning, bond building and hair straightening treatments, the Olivia Garden iBlend brush is now available at CosmoProf!

Posted July 1, 2017