The Blonding System - SynchroLift Blue Powder Lightener-John Paul Mitchell Systems


The Blonding System - SynchroLift Lightener
The Blonding System - SynchroLift Lightener


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  • Product Details
  • Paul Mitchell New Synchrolift Ultra-Quick Blue Powder Lightener with an exclusive balanced bleach technology lifts up to 7 levels quickly and gently.
    SynchroLift™ is a dust-free, blue-tinted formula with zero fragrance. It is the next generation in lightening, featuring an exclusive balanced bleach technology that provides beautiful lift while leaving the hair in outstanding condition.
    Sometimes even the most pleasant fragrances in chemical products can be overpowering or cause a reaction for the users. SynchroLift™ was specially formulated to have a neutral odor, so there’s no chemical fragrance to mask. It’s very different from anything on the market today, perfect for stylists or guests who are sensitive to perfumes or scents.
  • How To Use
  • • On-scalp applications: 20 volume Cream Developer is recommended
    • Off-scalp applications: choose any volume of Cream Developer depending on the end result
    • Mix to your desired consistency
    • Mix 1 well-rounded scoop of SynchroLift with 2 oz. (60 cc’s) of Cream Developer (1:2 ratio)
  • What Does this Do
  • - Zero fragrance
    - Mixes to a creamy consistency that resists swelling
    - Features potato starch for a pleasant coloring experience


Synchrolift love it!
"On or off scalp it works great! Easily breaks through that nastiest of nasty words in salon ~ brassy. Smooth consistency, easy application and next to no swelling. I had to test it so I didn''t use gloves when highlighting a client with a lot of hair. I wiped off any product if I got it on my finger but did not rinse of with water. No burning sensation at all. I applied on scalp for my clients small widows peak ~ once again, no sensation of heat or tingle. Beautiful blonde results on a natural level 4. Left her hairs integrity in tact. I am very impressed with the Synchrolift product line."
- uniqueV, Jul 16, 2012