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Color Activation Small Intro
Color Activation Small Intro

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Density Defend Foam
SKU# 819307
UPC: 8005610686363
  •  Size:

    6.7 fl. oz. 
  • Qty:  6
    Density Defend is a lightweight leave-on strengthening foam for colored hair.
    Thanks to its DensiProtect technology, Density Defend provides up to 93% reduction in hair breakage and improves the vibrancy of hair colour.
    Scalp Protect Serum - 6 pack
    SKU# 819305
    UPC: 81655136
  •  Size:

    1 Each 
  • Qty:  3
    Protect the scalp during the hair-coloring process. Scalp Protect Serum is a salon-exclusive, dermatologist tested pre-color treatment with anti-irritation ingredients. With NioProtect Technology, the serum contains anti-irritation ingredients that help to protect the scalp during the oxidative coloring process. It remains on the scalp like a glove that protects the hand. The fragrance-free Scalp Protect Serum was tested in the presence of a dermatologist and has a pH value very similar to the scalp skin.
    Color Lock Treatment
    SKU# 819306
    UPC: 70018101310
  •  Size:

    4.8 fl. oz. 
  • Qty:  6
    Color Lock is a density treatment exclusively for in-salon use. It seals the cuticles and locks color pigments into the hair immediately after the hair-coloring process, neutralizing alkaline and peroxide residues without weighing down the hair.

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