Concentr8 Colour Primary Blue - 6 Count-Malibu C


Concentr8 Colour Primary Blue - 6 Count
Concentr8 Colour Primary Blue - 6 Count


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  • Product Details
  • The Concentr8® Colour Collection by Malibu C® Artistry is a supplemental line of hybrid hair colours that blurs the lines between traditional direct dyes and permanent colour. The collection is comprised of 3 Primary Pigment Powders [Primary Red, Primary Yellow and Primary Blue] and 2 Colour Mates [Concentr8® Colour Masque and Concentr8 Colour Klay]. Born from the marriage of science and artistry, these agents of change are a vision of simplicity mastered that offers limitless creative potential and the ability to customize colour for every client like never before.

    The 3 Primary Pigment Powders [Primary Red, Primary Yellow and Primary Blue] serve as the “Building Blocks of Colour” that can be combined to create virtually any color in the rainbow. These multi-functional colour pigments start in dry form and are activated with water to create a primary-colored, liquid solution that’s highly-concentrated, and used to create a custom Concentr8 Colour unique to every client. The custom Concentr8® Colour is then added to the desired delivery system, such as the Concentr8® Colour Masque or Illumin8 Shine Concentr8® Mixer by Malibu C Professional, both of which act as a deep conditioning carrier base for the Concentr8® Colours.
  • How To Use
  • There are limitless uses for the Primary Pigment Powders, because they enable colorist to create something unique that isn’t available in a traditional colour tube, and therefore cannot be replicated. These new game changers deliver an unrestricted colour range with myriad professional uses including, but not limited to: as a concentrated non-oxidative colour delivered in a deep-conditioning base; as a color kicker for permanent, semi- and demi- colors; as a stain or filler; as a glaze or overlay; in a nonionic shampoo, such as Color Wellness® by Malibu C® to create a custom take-home color maintenance product, among others. Ultimately how it’s used depends on the desired results the colorist wants to achieve.
  • What Does this Do
  • - Blurs the lines between Direct Dyes and Permanent Colour
    - Creates Custom Colour Enhancers cocktailed for every client
    - Delivers limitless creative potential and unrestricted Colour Range
    - 100% Vegan and Formulated Without: Gluten, Ammonia & PPDs


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