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Schwarzkopf Professional
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Schwarzkopf Professional
OSIS+ Freeze Finish Strong Hold Hairspray
SKU: 484773
UPC: 845940017073


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    9.1 oz
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Schwarzkopf Osis+ Freeze Finish Strong Hold Hairspray is a super hold, high performance, long lasting hair spray that delivers total control. It is unique because of its ability to perform under adverse conditions of temperature and humidity. The 3-dimensional resin matrix ensures all of the hair strand is covered, allowing for long lasting style.
Schwarzkopf Professional
OSIS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder
SKU: 484751
UPC: 4045787314199
Qty 1
Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Powder has an innovative formula with Silica that is responsible for the strong matt feeling and volume which makes this product unique and a must have for your styling arsenal.
Schwarzkopf Professional
OSIS+ Elastic
SKU: 484754
UPC: 845940017110
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Schwarzkopf Osis+ Elastic Finish is a flexible hold hair spay for natural style control. Inject some energy into your style with this hairspray, offering natural style control for a moveable and touchable result.
Schwarzkopf Professional
OSIS+ Grip Volume Extreme Hold Mousse
SKU: 484769
UPC: 4045787314175
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Schwarzkopf Osis+ Grip Volume Extreme Hold Mousse is an extreme hold mousse to grip your style. It's the most popular mousse sold!
Schwarzkopf Professional
Thrill Texture Fibre Gum
SKU: 484763
UPC: 4045787314014
Qty 1
Schwarzkopf Osis+ Thrill Texture Fibre Gum is for elastic style control. It gives strong texture control and separation for a bendable, moldable finish. It has film-formers, wax and moisturizers to give gloss, shine, and separation to your style.
Schwarzkopf Professional
Osis + Refresh Dust Bonus Size
SKU: 485878
UPC: 4045787387735
Qty 1
Schwarzkopf OSiS + Refresh Dust is a bodifying dry shampoo that refreshes your style between washes. The sprayable powder creates excellent volume for all hair types, and helps the hair to stay fresher for longer. With its light control factor and separating capabilities, greasy hair is given a new lease of life. The Refresh Dust is also excellent for freshly washed hair, working to texturize it and make hair easier to style. The formulation is made up of Oryza Sativa Starch, a component derived from rice that has incredible absorbing properties. It soaks up hair oil and mattifies the hair shaft, making for bouncy and bright hair. The clean fragrance promotes a feeling of vitality and freshness. Keep your hair looking fresh and clean even between washes with the Schwarzkopf OSiS + Refresh Dust Dry Shampoo. This is the ultimate must-have styling accessory for the stylish girl on the go, who always needs to look her best.
Schwarzkopf Professional
SKU: 486358
UPC: 4045787314700
Qty 1
Osis+ Flexwax Ultra Strong Cream Wax is a continuously re-moldable styling wax designed for unlimited style possibilities.
Providing all hair types with ultra-strong texture, separation and styling control, Flexwax Ultra Strong Cream Wax allows for a natural shine finish without any greasy residue. This professional styling wax washes out easily and is ideal for daily use. Perfect for edgy, modern and trendy styles which demand texture and definition, Flexwax Ultra Strong Cream Wax is formulated with a unique blend of Waxes, Emollients and Emulsifiers for great remoldability, added texture and a natural shine finish.
Schwarzkopf Professional
OSIS+ Bouncy Curls
SKU: 486349
UPC: 4045787314748
Qty 1
Osis+ Bouncy Curls provides strong curl control for fine to medium curly hair. Give hair strong curl definition and bounce with this non–sticky and non–overburdening lightweight formula. Simply apply a small amount to damp hair, and work into the curls to define and bundle them. Blow dry for hair that feels soft to the touch with strong control for fine curls.
Schwarzkopf Professional
Mighty Matte
SKU: 486352
UPC: 4045787314762
Qty 1
Osis+ Mighty Matte is an ultra–strong matte cream for strong matte looks with extreme hold. Perfect for long–lasting style control, Mighty Matte provides strong texture and separation.
Schwarzkopf Professional
OSIS+ Big Blast Volumizing Gel
SKU: 486357
UPC: 4045787314786
Qty 1
Osis+ Big Blast volumising gel is a lightweight gel ideal for creating volumised hairstyles with strong control and root lift. This lightweight formula is designed to be applied from the roots to ends of damp hair, then blow–dried with a round brush to create long–lasting voluminous support.
Schwarzkopf Professional
OSIS+ Session Label - Miracle 15
SKU: 486730
UPC: 4045787370416
Qty 1
Super Versatile Miracle 15 - Infused with Silk Balm Extracts, a High Forming Agent and a Conditioning Agent, to give 15 benefits
Schwarzkopf Professional
OSIS+ Session Label - Powder Cloud
SKU: 486731
UPC: 4045787366884
Qty 1
OSIS+ Session Label Powder Cloud Sprayable powder - a texturising powder.
Developed with an innovative pump action bottle, the Session Label Powder Cloud Sprayable Powder allows for precision distribution for an effortlessly styled look. The micro-fine powder formula delivers a softly textured finish with ultimate ease.
Schwarzkopf Professional
Osis+ Session Label - Crystal Gel
SKU: 486733
UPC: 4045787370454
Qty 1
Super concentrated gel infused with Crystal Rock Extract for radically defined textures and strong hold impact. Redefine your perception of styling gels with a super concentrated dosage of style setting polymers. The rubber-ice product texture adds a new dimension to product workability, building strong hold looks without over-wetting the hair shaft.
Schwarzkopf Professional
Tame Wild Smoothing Anti-Frizz Cream
SKU: 486354
UPC: 4045787322323
Qty 1
Osis+ Tame Wild is a smoothing anti–frizz cream that tames rebellious hair giving surface smoothness, natural shine and heat protection up to 220°C. Tame Wild delivers anti–frizz and anti–humidity protection for up to 7 days or the next hair wash.

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