Laria Love's Salon Essentials

I can't believe it. My dream of opening my own salon in Los Angeles has finally come true. After dedicating years to building my clientele and brand, I am now opening my doors to my lovely clients – current and new! However, as a new salon owner, I am quickly learning that operating a salon requires a lot of work, especially when it comes to attention to detail.

So what exactly goes into owning and managing a salon?

A lot. There is the big picture, which entails stocking the color products and tools to create breathtaking transformations. Not only do I research and purchase high-quality products to use on and sell to my clients, but I also keep up with industry trends so that I may offer only the best to them.

And then there are the smaller, less noticeable, but still important items. While certain things like scheduling, inventory and cleaning are top of mind, there are many other details that are essential to a successful operation.
For example, purchasing items such as:

  • Cleaning Supplies: toilet seat covers, cleaning products, soap, sanitizers…
  • Office Materials: a printer, paper, pens, stamps, tape, phone and internet service…
  • Decorations: vases, weekly fresh flowers, lights, background music, artwork, candles…
  • Comfort: bench for the waiting area, fridge filled with refreshments for clients, aprons…

And the list goes on… Who knew?!

What brand is trending right now?

Wella. Choosing Wella as one of my main brands to use in the salon has been an amazing choice and is currently essential in my salon.

A special thanks to my supporters!

Every day in the salon is a production, and there is so much that happens behind the scene. Thankfully, I have been gifted with the support of my CosmoProf® family & followers throughout the entire process. If we haven't met already, I hope to meet you soon!

Larisa Love

Larisa Love
CosmoProf Brand Ambassador
& Owner of Larisa Love Salon

Posted February 7, 2017