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Mary Cuomo

We talked with Mary Cuomo from John Paul Mitchell Systems® about incorporating trends, why education is so important and which products and tools are always at her station.

Mary Cuomo

International Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems and Stylist at A Robert Cromeans Salon, San Diego, CA

Q. When did you first know that beauty was your passion?
A. I always wanted to do hair. I have some hairdressers in my family, and it seemed like the coolest thing to do. I just naturally gravitated toward it. I was really lucky that my high school offered a vocational training program and that my parents were cool enough to let me go to it.

Q. We’re so glad they did! So now, as a leading professional, what is your relationship to color?
A. Eighty percent of my business is color! Color placement and formulations come naturally to me. Most of my salon guests are dimensional gray coverage and blonding, with a few unicorns sprinkled throughout. My possibilities are endless with the Color BarSM!

Q. What are your favorite products and tools for creating dynamic color and keeping it fresh?
A. I love John Paul Mitchell Systems' Dual Purpose Lightener to create gorgeous platinum hair. POP XG™ and INKWORKS® are my must-haves for creating bright, vibrant colors and pastels. And John Paul Mitchell Systems’ Color Protect® Daily Shampoo, Daily Conditioner and Locking Spray are my go-to take home recommendations for keeping fantasy colors lasting as long as possible. I’m also looking forward to our launch of Color Craft™, which is a custom color treatment that we can use as an add-on service in the salon, and our guests can take home to keep their color fresh in between visits.

Q. BOHO is a big trend this summer. How do you interpret trends like BOHO for your clients?
A. Trends are ever changing. So I don’t try to change a guest’s whole identity, but I’ll give them a little taste of something each time. I think the BOHO trend is about a free spirit and being your true self and embracing who you are. So I just try to implement little bits of that trend without taking over their entire style.

Q. You’ve described being an educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems as a dream come true. What about it do you love?
A. Everything! Our culture is about loving people and making their day, giving back to our communities and supporting hairdressers and their businesses. I get to travel the world sharing my passion using awesome products that are reliable and never let me down.

Q. What inspires you?
A. For me, I’m inspired by a connection with a person—their stories, their attitudes through life. Just how they live in the present moment. Also, when I’m walking down the street in a new place, people look different, and that’s inspiring to me. I might see women in London, and they have shorter, edgier hair than they do in the States.

Q. What advice do you have for new stylists entering the beauty industry?
A. When I was in beauty school, I didn’t realize how much I would be married to my mannequins once I became a professional. Those mannequins are always out. I’m always practicing. Keep practicing and getting education. It’s what will keep you from burning out.

Q. Finally, what does being Licensed To Create™ mean to you?
A. How lucky I am to be in the professional beauty industry. Being licensed to create means that people all over the world put their beauty in my hands. I’m allowed to touch people’s hair and hearts and change the way they look and feel about themselves. For me, that’s priceless.

Posted May 1, 2017

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