Joico® Takes Madison Square Garden By Storm

Joico Guest Artistic Director Vivienne Mackinder Amps Up Twenties-Era Hair For Malan Breton NYFW F/W '17

Malan Breton Collection

Impression from the Malan Breton Collection | Images: Getty Images

A snowstorm with blizzard-fast winds ushered in a bitter cold over New York and much of New England, but inside Madison Square Garden it was a different story. The house is packed and there is a hush over the crowd as the lights go down signaling the start. It's Fashion Week in the Capital of the World and the silence in the crowd is broken by 1920's-era music – unexpected for this indoor Manhattan arena set in the 24-hour city. Yet apropos when you think that some of the most iconic images of Midtown are here, like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Broadway and 42nd Street, and Fifth Avenue. Designer Malan Breton brought his Fall/Winter 2017 women's and men's collection to life here, with 51 models whose hair was styled by JOICO.

The show was thrilling and thunderous, which coupled well with the roar of mother nature outside. Joico Guest Artistic Director Vivienne Mackinder and her team of over 26 hairstylists sponsored by Joico, all brought the "Joi of Healthy Hair" backstage for the twenties-era hairstyles that served the dazzling, art deco Gatsby-esque fashions that luxuriated in metallic fabrics of gold and silver, and Georgian-esque floral gowns and suits, or accented jackets, skirts and boots in jet-black leather, latex or hauntingly rich velvet and furs.

Vivienne Mackinder

Images: Lyndsey Anne Photography

Image left: Joico team of stylist led by Vivienne Mackinder working some magic in hair-prep before the show | Image middle: Vivienne Mackinder in hair-prep with Malan Breton

Phil Ring

CosmoProf® Beauty Artistic Team Member (and Joico contributing artist) – the social-media sensation himself – Philip Ring was the man behind the scenes joining the Joico team, offering an exclusive peek at the action, taking over Joico's Snapchat.

Joico Team

Images: Lyndsey Anne Photography

Team Joico: Vivienne Mackinder (hair design lead), Tim Pamment, Rosemary Tejada, Ivo Skilj, Michael Jacobson, Sonya Seale, Johanna Esper, Angela Pantaleone, Charles Azzi, Melaine Johnson, Brian Byrnes, Tara Angley, Slade Guillory, Li Murillo, Margaret Misenar, Autumn Lynn Densmore, Theresa Marie Lecureux, Maggie Mcdougal, Brenda Maeda, Clara Betancur, Madison Bell, Jaime Hernandez, Cori Hooper, Jorge Morales, Katy Brown, Deidre Dupont, JoAnn Rivera.

Posted March 1, 2017