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Guy Tang

We talked to legendary colorist and stylist Guy Tang about his brand-new collection, #mydentity, his beloved #hairbesties and where he finds the inspiration for his killer creativity.

Guy Tang

Hair Activist and Creator of the new #mydentity color line

Q. We are so excited about the launch of your new line, #mydentity. What inspired you to create this collection?
A. My #hairbesties! Also, whatever I feel is missing or can be improved, I like to add that to the line. #mydentity is for the hair stylist out there who's looking for a collection that has shine, longevity and a creative pallet that allows them to create colors they imagine in their dreams.

Q. What do you most want your fans to know about the line?
A. This collection can be personalized and customized. We have a silver, lavender, rosy pink tones, boosters that can be mixed in with permanent, demi-permanent or used alone. The boosters in the #mydentity line are not available in any other product lines. The dyes are able to survive within all the bases of both demi and permanent categories.

Q. You are so well known for your beautiful color. What draws you to certain shades, and where do you find inspiration for your creations?
A. I like colors that I would wear as clothes. I love neons, and I love naturals – I also like the fusion between the two. So I take the bright colors and think, how can I make them wearable? A lot of times, we hear from clients, "I wish I could have that color, but I can't wear it to work." So I think about rose gold, for instance. When they go to work, no one will say, "Oh, that's pink hair." That's how clients get to have fun and wear these colors without risk. So I gravitate towards that.

Q. A lot of your YouTube videos feature major hair transformations – color changes, cuts, extensions. What has been your most challenging transformation?
A. One would be when I transformed Mykie from Glam & Gore. It was an extreme transformation! We were like, oh my gosh! And she was in shock. She wanted to know how I did it, and…it took a long time. Sometimes it takes six hours, sometimes eight, twelve. There are many multiple steps.

Q. Your videos are so energetic and personal – your fans really feel connected to you. What drives you to share so freely with your #hairbesties?
A. You know, it took me a long time to be comfortable in my own skin. I understand the challenges we face as passionate hair stylists to define who we are. Hence the name of the line – #mydentity. We struggle with our identity growing up, whether it's your height, your weight, your race, your gender, sexuality or whatever the case may be. And I feel that at the end of the day, we're all artists and we're all human.

Q. That is so true. Guy, you have such an amazing relationship with your #hairbesties. What makes that community so special?
A. I feel really close to them. I talk to them all the time. They write to me on Facebook or they form a private group and talk to each other. It's not about fitting in – that's the thing. I encourage them to be themselves. And I've put them on my platform. These people have supported me, so I support them.

Q. Do you have any tips for stylists looking to grow their social media presence?
A. It's really just being yourself. Also, put the work out there that you want to do. People will see it. That's what I did initially. I wanted to do some neon hair, so I put it out there. Those people will come to you.

Q. You're currently traveling all over the world, sharing your passion, energy and, best of all, techniques and hair secrets with other amazing stylists. What has been most rewarding about this world tour?
A. Feeling that I have made an impact on so many people's lives. The mere fact that my #hairbesties or any stylists have watched my videos, and they put a smile on their face or maybe pushed them to be more creative or change their work ethic, and they come and tell me these things – it means a lot.

Q. We can really tell that your #hairbesties mean so much to you. Finally, Guy, what does being Licensed To Create™ mean to you?
A. I think that it gives us creative control and respect for our profession. Our clients trust in us, they believe in us, and that empowers us as hair stylists.

Posted March 1, 2017