Vendor Loyalty

for your business and your clients

Loyalty Programs are created to add value and reward purchases. Loyalty programs and client acquisitions go hand-in-hand. Loyalty programs offer you yet another way to stand out from the competition.

Once you launch a loyalty program, it is important to evaluate it annually. Make sure that it is still competitive with the marketplace and different from the competition. Explore ways to enhance your program to create a renewed feeling of excitement. Two of the most important aspects of a loyalty program—rewards and communication—are often the most overlooked.

Choose loyalty rewards carefully. Free goods don't always appeal to all. Create rewards that reflect your uniqueness and value to your customers' lives. Stand out and give clients another reason to be a loyal client to you.

CosmoProf® is able to offer you a menu of vendors to partner with for your salon business rewards. Work with your CosmoProf Salon Consultant to make sure that you are receiving all the benefits that you have available to you. It's a new year and a great time to decide which programs you will participate in. This is a great way to receive additional value from your vendor partners to assist with your salon loyalty program.

Listing of industry brands with loyalty programs:

Listing of industry brands with loyalty programs

Listing of industry brands with loyalty programs

We also recommend that you offer rewards to your clients     Article courtesy of John Paul Mitchell Systems®

Create Loyal Guests

One way to thank your guests for their continued loyalty and entice new guests to visit your salon is by launching your own loyalty program. Implementing a program in your salon can be fun and lucrative.

Step One
Loyalty Membership Form

Create a loyalty membership form. Determine how you will input information into your system.

Work with your team to create a stylist-guest dialogue to encourage program sign-ups.

Step Two
Point Accumulation And Value

Work with your team to establish the easiest means of tracking accumulated points.

Travel duos are the perfect items to redeem for points. Remember that these smaller sizes may lead to larger future Take Home sales.

Step Three
Point Redemption

For inventory purposes, you will need to ensure that your salon can maintain an up-to-date system of items redeemed for points.

Make sure that the point system you create, including the choice of redeemable items, works for your salon's bottom line and guarantees a positive cash flow.

Industry Innovator Ella's Salon created a very successful loyalty program for their clients.
Article courtesy of Emily Regnier, Salon Owner of Ella's Salon in Alexandria, MN

Customers can earn rewards points two ways. First is with a purchase. Every dollar spent towards a service or product will earn the customer 1 point for every dollar. The second way to earn points are through special events the salon has.

Events like a charity drive, a featured product of the month, or a customer referral push will help the customer earn additional points. Once a customer reaches a certain point value, they can redeem the points for money off their next ticket. The customer's points are kept track of automatically for us on our POS system and we display their balance on their receipt.

When creating a rewards program, you want to make sure you set your redemption amount low enough that they see the benefits from your program. We often remind our customers when they talk about purchasing products from other locations that if they buy those products with us, they'll get the added benefit of our rewards program.

In order to help drive additional revenue by gaining new customers to the salon, we reward our current customers with Ella Points when they use our referral program. With this program, we normally reward the referring customer with 50 points.

Each month, we'll spotlight one of our employees with a picture of them along with a quote on a product they love. These become our products of the month. The products we feature feel more authentic, like a product referral vs. a sale item, as the product is tied directly to the face of the employee that is raving about it. We reward our customers for trying the product of the month by offering double points on that item.

A great way to get involved in your community is to support a local donation event and tie your rewards program into those donated items. We normally partner with 3 different organizations throughout the year.

During back-to-school, we have partnered with our local United Way and their Stuff the Bus campaign. The theme this year is your everyday super hero. Our salon offered 80 kids to come in and get free back-to-school haircuts. This was a huge hit with the families and our staff had such a fun day treating these kids to a professional haircut. Our customers became involved when they brought in school supplies to our salon. They received 10 points for each item they brought in.

During Thanksgiving, we offer 10 points for each nonperishable item they bring in and we then do a donation to our local food bank. Then we start right back up again after Thanksgiving, offering 10 points per child's toy our customers bring in that we donate to a local organization called Jingle Bells, which is a very well-known organization in our community that raises funds to donate food and gifts to families in need for Christmas.

When customers meet their rewards threshold, they are able to redeem their points for $10 off any ticket. When we do this, the salon takes the hit on the $10.00 to allow our employees to still receive full commission on their sales ticket.

Our rewards program is just one extra thing we can add to the great benefits our salon offers our customers!

Ella Points Logo

Working with Jingle Bells organization to raise funds
Working with our community Jingle Bells organization to raise funds to donate food and gifts for Christmas.

Partnering with United Way for back-to-school
Partnering with our local United Way and their Stuff the Bus campaign for back-to-school.

Club Michael's logo
Article courtesy of Michael Schuh, Salon Owner of Michael's Salon & Spa

Michael's Salon & Spa has implemented a creative loyalty program that they call Club Michael's. Clients pay a monthly membership fee of $55 that is good toward one spa service per month. Service choices include a one-hour massage, a one-hour facial or a manicure and pedicure. Additional club benefits include savings on all retail products and unlimited spa services at the club rate. To join Club Michael's, clients fill out the signup form for the program and the rest is tracked within their software system. This keeps the program low-maintenance.

Club Michael's

From BeautySpan January/February 2017 | Posted January 11, 2017