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"With the Clients feature on the CosmoProf App, I can keep track of all of my clients' past appointments, all of their past hairstyles and all of their past formulas."

–Jacob Khan
Educator, Stylist and Owner at Jacob K Hair, Atlanta, GA

"With the CosmoProf App,I can send Loxa Scripts to my clients throughout the day to make sure they're taking really great care of their hair."

–Phil Ring
Stylist, Providence, RI

Introducing our CosmoProf® App

The App For The Modern Stylist

The CosmoProf App is built for those who are Licensed To Create™ and it shows. Specialized menus make taking payments easy. You can also store client info, create a customizable schedule and digitally recommend products to clients. Running your business on your phone is so much easier. It's also completely free. So now, you can spend more time focusing on your clients and your craft.

Manage client info with CosmoProf App

Manage all of your client info—every style, every formula

You can easily import content from your phone, add notes, track previous appointments, upload photos with each appointment and view a full appointment history with past formulas and services. You can even see your clients' entire Hairography–the photographic history of their visits.

Manage your schedule info with CosmoProf App

A full schedule is a beautiful thing and so is an organized one

Now you can manage your daily schedule right from your phone with direct integration of your Apple or Google calendar. Create appointments, set client reminders and confirmations, and build your business. The CosmoProf App lets you focus on your clients, not on your schedule.

Quick Pay with Square on CosmoProf App

Quick Pay with Square™
Payments have never been easier for you and your clients

Start accepting payments easily and quickly on your phone with Square™. With a fully customizable menu, payments have never been easier. Plus, CosmoProf App users get the first $1,000 worth of transactions processed for free.

Loxa Scripts with CosmoProf App

Loxa Scripts
Connect your clients with the products they want and need

You know it takes great products to create great hair. Connect your clients with the products they want and need with Loxa Scripts. Send your clients Loxa Scripts via text message or email and earn a commission on every purchase. Your retail shelf is virtually endless.

Get inspiration with CosmoProf App

Inspiration in the palm of your hand

Creating great art means being innovative. Now you can connect with your favorite brands and products by getting exclusive content, articles, tutorials and how-to videos all with a simple tap.

Offers, coupons and messages with CosmoProf App

Don't miss a thing

Get personalized offers, coupons and messages from CosmoProf and the beauty brands you love, delivered right to you.

From BeautySpan November/December 2016 | Posted November 1, 2016